How is Jesse’s Clean Gutter Service at their job? Look no further because we have Customer Testimonials right here.









Customer Testimonial of Clean Gutter Service.

Customer Testimonial of Clean Gutter Service.

Margaret G. – Overall Rating Given : A


Hired ‘Clean Gutter Service’ for : Cleaning and Unclogging House Gutters and Leaders.


Comment : We switched to Jesse of CGS (Clean Gutter Service) because previous services did not provide water-flushing, and over the years our gutters and leaders became clogged. One of the leaders connected to a 30 foot underground drain pipe which was also clogged, and he cleared those clogs on his first visit. He even used some sealant to stop a small leak in the corner gutter that we were concerned about. He is a focused, reliable professional who does what he advertises and he gets the job done properly every time. We highly recommend him.






Dara's Customer Testimonial of Clean Gutter Service.

Dara’s Customer Testimonial of Clean Gutter Service.

Dara R. – Overall Rating Given : A


Hired ‘Clean Gutter Service’ for : Remove leaves from gutters.


Comment : Why can’t all the service providers be more like Jesse? He doesn’t simply remove leaves, he flushes the junk out of your gutters and downspouts. And by “He”, I mean the owner, Jesse. He does all his own work, which is a point of pride for him, as it should be. He is one of the exceptions to the rule you get what you pay for, because he’s less expensive than other gutter service providers, but does a better job. He’s also great with communication and is perfectly punctual.






Lynn's Testimonial for Clean Gutter Service

Lynn’s Testimonial for Clean Gutter Service

Lynne D. – Overall Rating Given : A


Hired ‘Clean Gutter Service’ for : Gutter Cleaning


Comment : Couldn’t have gone any smoother. Jesse noticed a minor repair that needed to be made on my roof (not related to the gutter cleaning) that was probably caused by some strong winds. Not only did he take the time to call me and explain what was going on, but he went ahead and repaired the problem without even charging me. Amazing!






Jack's Testimonial for Clean Gutter Service

Jack’s Testimonial for Clean Gutter Service

Jack B. – Overall Rating Given : A


Hired ‘Clean Gutter Service’ for : Rain Gutter Cleaning


Comment : Excellent – This is the third year I have used Clean Gutter Service (Jessie). He does an excellent job. I believe I got his name from Angie’s List several years ago.





Scott's Testimonial about 'Clean Gutter Service'

Scott’s Testimonial about ‘Clean Gutter Service’

Scott – Overall Rating Given : A


Hired ‘Clean Gutter Service’ for : Cleaning of gutters and leaders, including flushing of the leader pipes.


Comment : Excellent in every way. We had recently moved into a new house and the gutters had not been cleaned in months. Jesse went above and beyond, cleaning the gutters thoroughly (much of which had to be done by hand), flushing out the leader pipes, and removing moss and built-up debris from a section of the roof. One side of the house has gutters with ‘gutter helmets’ which makes the cleaning more challenging – Jesse removed those, did a complete clean/flush, then re-installed. Great Communication at all times. Thoroughly professional. Jesse is passionate about gutters and doing the job right. I highly recommend his services.





Ellen's Testimonial of 'Clean Gutter Service'

Ellen’s Testimonial of ‘Clean Gutter Service’

Ellen B. – Overall Rating Given : A


Hired ‘Clean Gutter Service’ for : I have hired Clean Gutter Service for several years and would not consider any other company. It is competitively priced and the most professional and thorough we have ever received. Recently our soffit was pushed up, and J channel under the gutter was pulled away from the house by either a storm or tenacious animal. I called Jesse, the owner to see what the problem was.


Comment : Jesse thought in order to fix it, I might need to replace the J-channel the soffit fits into, not something he usually does, but I am a loyal customer and he said he’d return after I purchased the part. As it turned out, he was able to mend and align my existing channel and soffit, and then didn’t charge me, even though he made two service calls! Now that’s service! An added bonus is that you are hiring someone who does the work himself, a true small business owner/operator.





Stephanie's Testimonial of 'Clean Gutter Service'

Stephanie’s Testimonial of ‘Clean Gutter Service’

Stephanie W. – Overall Rating Given : A


Hired ‘Clean Gutter Service’ for : Gutters cleaned before a snow storm.


Comment : Amazing! We had a snow storm approaching and needed our gutters cleaned. Jesse was here within a day of my request. He did an amazing, clean, overall perfect job.






Susan's Testimonial of 'Clean Gutter Service'

Susan’s Testimonial of ‘Clean Gutter Service’

Susan H. – Overall Rating Given : A


Hired ‘Clean Gutter Service’ for : Gutter cleaning.


Comment : Great! We called on Monday and the owner/sole worker, Jesse, fit us in on Wednesday at the end of a long day in order to get the work done before a predicted freeze for several days thereafter. He gave us a quote right away based on photos that we texted to him and his price was SIGNIFICANTLY lower than 2 other vendors whom we called. He flushed the gutters and downspouts with water, which no other gutter cleaners in the area do. He even repaired a loose elbow joint in a downspout at no extra charge. Jesse is professional, prompt, and a pleasure to deal with. We requested that he call us in the spring to remind us to do the next cleaning. We recommend Clean Gutter Service very highly!





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