I know that I’ve said this many times before, but I keep running into the same situation where a home owner or business owner is basically lied to by Gutter Topper sales people. These ‘sales people‘ tell you just about anything to make you believe that gutter toppers will end your responsibility of keeping your gutters, downspouts, and complete gutter system clean and working properly. They will ‘sell’ you the idea that a gutter topper system is a ‘maintenance free’ product that relieves you from all responsibility of taking care of your gutters (especially cleaning them). These are all outright lies. Some even give ‘lifetime warrantees/guarantees’ which the company ends up never standing behind. I see it on a daily basis. A good percentage of my jobs are due to faulty gutter toppers not working as promised. In fact from what I have experienced, they make things worse.
Below are 2 (two) videos (Part 1 and Part 2) of one of my most recent jobs. These home owners were a perfect target for a slick, snake oil salesman of gutter toppers. They were told the usual spiel that all gutter topper salesmen spew; “Never worry about your gutters again” … “Never have to clean your gutters again” … “gutter toppers give you a maintenance free gutter system” … “lifetime guarantee” … “protect your home from water related damages” … THESE ARE ALL LIES.
Please watch the 2 part video below and you’ll understand exactly why I keep insisting that Gutter Toppers Do Not Work (and most of the time they make things worse).
Video Part 1

Video Part 2